Monday, November 30, 2009


What in the world happened to November?! Oh, that's right... I was working! Which, btw, I love my new job! I have been working long hours Monday through Thursday so I can leave early on Fridays, it works out nice but I miss my lover buggers and wish there were more hours in the day to spend with them.

So, here is a quick run down of November's main happenings-- first up-- my 28Th birthday! The week before I went to a super fun girls night dinner with my favorite girls! {I have a pic but it's on my camera and I can't find that at the moment} We enjoyed yummy food and great conversation! Thanks, ladies! The next day I celebrated with my parents and then Friday I celebrated with my family. The kids spent the night at my cousin's house on Thanksgiving night and so Bry and I got up super early to do some black Friday shopping and then he surprised me by taking me to Avante to get my hair done! I was in desperate need of change, and let me tell you change was had!! I'm in LOVE with my short "Mormon" hair as my family and I lovingly call it! Friday night we went out with our good friends the Bradshaws to dinner and play pool... way too much fun!! As sad as I thought I'd be to turn another year older I actually am enjoying it! Thank you to all for my birthday wishes and the sweet gifts! I was so touched by everyone being so thoughtful!

My new haircut!! I totally am loving it sooo much!!

My love and I on my birthday!

Thanksgiving is up next! Thanksgiving morning I went and did the Cheshire 5k! I hope next year to be with all of you I saw who ran the whole way! I had fun and was loving the nice brisk air! I had Thanksgiving at my house again this year, but we did it a little different than in the past-- we skipped turkey and decided to do a Mexican theme! Enchiladas, floutas, taco bake... yum!! We had traditional desserts of pumpkin pie and cobbler, but besides that it was all a fiesta! We even had a pinata! It was a total blast! I am so blessed to be surrounded with amazing friends and an amazing family. I don't know what I did to get so lucky!
Hope you all had an awesome holiday and were able to spend it with those you love.

Last- I finished my first semester of college!! I managed to pass my English class with a B and my Art History class with a C-- 79% you'd think I could have gotten that pity 1% for a B lol. I'm still taking my Math class until the middle of January but so far I have an A in there! I'm pretty dang amazed at myself!

And that was November in a nut shell!! We're doing great, the kids are growing like weeds, and getting funnier by the minute! We're just busy and trying to enjoy the time we do get together.

Now can you believe 24 days until Christmas?! Let's see if I can blog again before then! :)