Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Phone Call That Started it All

16 months ago I was laying in bed and the thought popped in my head about having weight loss surgery-- would my insurance cover it? Would I ever do it? The next day I picked up the phone called the insurance got the ok, then went online and called the office with the prettiest website (yes, that really is how I picked my surgeon, sad but true!). Fast forward 9 months and I'm talking to Jen (the office manager at said surgeon's office) and she asks me about coming to work with the office. Fast forward another 6 months (yes, it really has been almost 6 months) to Friday... I will set the scene for you... I'm at work and get a phone call from Bry saying he had picked up the certified letter from the post office and it was from our landlord, he was raising the rent. Grr.

Now, first things first, Bry and I really have been trying to live within our means and stick to somewhat of a budget, this leaves no room for "rent increase". The increase wasn't much, but like I said we have a budget and needed to stick to it. The straw that broke this camels back was that the landlord mailed us the paperwork and then said we had 4 days to let him know, by March 31 if we weren't staying it would be our 30 day notice. What?! 4 days?! That just seemed rude to me! So I get off the phone and casually mention to Jen what was going on who then tells me that Melissa over in scheduling at the hospital had a house to rent. I email Melissa, she sends pics and I fall in love with the house. No cost is mentioned so I figured it was out of my budget. I asked Melissa how much and that this was the amount we needed to stay in, so if it was more then please let me down easy... I get an email back and actually, rent is $10 cheaper than what I pay now! For a bigger, newer home! I get excited and set up a time to see the house the next day. That night Bry and I prayed fervently that if this was what we were to do for our family that we would know. That we would be presented with an opportunity we couldn't turn down.
Yesterday we went through the house and fell in love. It's really everything I've ever wanted in a house. The back yard is beautiful. The great room is great. Bry loves the surround sound... it's a win, win, people! We continue to talk all the while I'm scared to ask deposits and hoops to be jumped through. Melissa then asks if we like the house and when we want to move in. That's it?! Wow! It was seriously too easy. The Lord knew we needed to know and we needed to know quick.
I'm so torn. I LOVE this new house. LOVE it. We attended our new ward today and people were really friendly. It was odd not to see familiar faces. I actually got to go to Sunday school and Relief Society. I cried during sacrament thinking of saying good bye to my sweet ward. But then I remembered, I'm moving 5 miles away. People who love me will still invite me to their parties, or to go out. They will drive the 5 miles to come see me. And I will most defiantly drive it to see them.
I really am excited for this opportunity to get a new start. I've needed change. I didn't know what kind though. I'm excited for my kids to meet new friends and to have a backyard to play in with grass! I'm excited Bry won't harass me for surround sound anymore. More than anything, I'm thankful that the Lord showed His tender mercy to a child who has had wavering faith lately, took her in His arms and showed her the path that needed to be taken. And it all started with one phone call.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Gotta Get Away

It's 4:45 am and I've been up since 3. I went to bed at 10:30... what is wrong with me?! Apparently I've become all to accustom to not having sufficient sleep! I've been working more hours than I've been sleeping, then trying to juggle the family, school, and a social life I've been on over load. Not to mention last Saturday our car broke down and left us stranded in Glendale... thank heaven's my parents live in Glendale and rescued us! So this week has been spent selling both of our cars and getting new (to us) cars. I feel like I don't have room to breath right now. I'm sure any of you who read this and are in my ward are wondering how you are reading this from me because you've probably assumed I died... never fear, I haven't. But there is a light at the end of my tunnel (I think). This afternoon when I get off work we are driving to Kingman to meet up and have them go to Utah for the week while Bry and I go away to Newport for our early anniversary trip. Everyone has been asking me what we have planed for our trip... I'm so excited to report we don't have one single thing planned. Except sleeping in, lounging by the pool, going to the beach, and not thinking about homework, or housework, or work work. No stressing about money, or aging, or why Giovanni refuses to help do chores. 5 full days of nothing to rush to, nothing to hurry up and finish. I. Can't. Wait. My biggest hope for my vacation is to come back relaxed and rejuvenated where I can feel like I can breath and maybe even with a slight tan! ;)