Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not so Great to be 8

This past week has been a challenge, to say the least. I am still tired from vacation (how does that work?) and feel that I could use about a 32 hour nap (good luck, right?). I have yet to unpack or put the laundry away from before vacation, my house could use some TLC... and it's SO FLIPPEN HOT OUTSIDE ALREADY!! Seriously, so hot! Like, right now at 5:15 pm, it's 84 degrees out. I'm sure Bryant will want to divorce me soon for my crabby, snappy attitude today (which, btw, is because of the heat). It was sad, we were looking at a house and I was complaining how hot it was and Bryant goes, "well, do you just want to move out of Arizona?" lol. Poor hubby of mine.

On top of everything else I've been having a hard time with Andy. Andy has Asperger's Disorder (a form of autism- he is highly functional and you couldn't tell from being around him that he even has it, but causes some problems at school and such)and SEVERE ADHD (thankfully he's on some good meds and they seem to be working...), so needless to say, Andy can be a handful at times. Kids with Asperger's basically don't have any social boundaries, and they don't understand other peoples feelings. This was really hard for me to understand. I just couldn't (and still have a hard time) grasp that he didn't take into consideration other peoples feelings. Andy has his days, and some are WAY better than others, but this week... man, oh man. The Thursday before spring break I was looking through Andy's backpack to find that Andy never turned in some math pages that were due that day or he wouldn't get credit (Andy struggles in math and was getting a failing grade so any assignment would help) so I decided to keep him home until the work was done and then send him to school with it. I sat down and helped him for 2 hours. No big deal, it would help him, right? Fast forward to Monday of this week, I'm going through Andy's backpack and find the math sheets right where I put them, he had never turned them in. I was so upset. I wrote a note to the teacher and hoped for the best. So then this morning I go to sign Andy's agenda (the kids have agendas that parents have to sign daily so you get a little update and any notes from the teacher go in there- I LOVE it!) and find that it's not in his backpack. I ask Andy why and he said he forgot it at school. Hum, in the past 7 months he hasn't done this, that's odd. I inquire further, was there a note in it for me? He couldn't remember. Ya, right. The kid remembers what I was wearing the day I met him- I doubt he forgot. I push a little harder, asking what the note says. Casually he tells me there were some papers stapled to it and a note saying they were found in his desk. Oh, super. I call his teacher and send him off to school. Then this afternoon we took the kids to get ice cream and Andy is looking very strange, and I can't put my finger on why.... then he says, "Look what happened" and his 3 month old glasses are sitting in two pieces in his hands. They snapped in half. How did this happen? He claims he was just sitting there and they broke. Hum... I've had glasses since I was like 10 and never had this happen. How did it really happen? He didn't know. So, I walk over to the eye dr that we got them out and shell out $60 for a new pair of frames (thank heavens for protection plans). Urgh. I know it was just $60 but still, I just bought them 3 months ago.

My point is, I'm at my whits end. I really don't know what to do with this kid. He could care less about all of these things. He acts like I'm over reacting. I know none of you have 8 year old boys, so I don't know if this is just typical behavior or if he is just being really super bad. It seems like nothing we do works. We have tried time outs, we have tried grounding, we have tried taking privileges away, we even have tried spanking (please don't tell me how I'm a child abuser, I think the spanking was so soft a fly would have laughed). Nothing works. I've tried crying and talking to him. Nothing. Sorry, I just needed to vent. And if you have suggestions, please offer them up, we're willing to try anything... even adoption if necessary. lol. Good thing he looks cute with make-up on, I guess!

Monday, March 24, 2008

366 days ago...

366 days ago (1 year from yesterday) I made the biggest step of my life. I got married. I remember the night that Bryant and I got engaged... we were in his apartment (making out lol) and I asked for a drink, Bryant came back with a cup of water and an engagement ring. He kneeled on the floor next to the couch I was on and began telling me how much he loved me and that he didn't want to live without me. For 25 years (it was like a week shy of my 25th birthday) I waited for this man and at that moment I knew my life had changed. We had a super short "courtship" lol, we were engaged a month after our first date and then married 4 months later. It was a true whirl wind romance.
I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. Bryant and I were actually saying that sometimes we can't believe that it's only been a year. lol.
Our anniversary fell at the perfect time Spring Break. So, the kids went to Utah and Bryant and I took an 11 day SUPER relaxing (and much needed) vacation. We dropped the kids off in Kingman, Az. and headed over to Bryant's uncles house in Barstow to spend the night. Thank you, Uncle Stevie for letting us stay there so we didn't kill ourselves driving so late! It was nice to visit!! The next morning we drove to Vista and stayed at Brittany's house, so much fun!! We went to Red Robin for dinner and played a super fun game of Quelf. SO FUN! Oh, wait- before dinner I kicked Jeremy's trash at Guitar Hero! lol. It was fun to play someone who wasn't an expert! lol. Seriously, thank you so much Britt for letting us stay with you and save money on a hotel until we could check in! You are the best! I miss us so much and forget how much until I have a good dose of you! :)
Saturday we went to the OC Market Place and had lots of fun there, too! It was super windy, and the wind was sooo cold! It was AWESOME!! When we got home we went and checked in to our hotel at the Grand Pacific Palisades then met Britt, Sam, and Mike for dinner at Karl Strauss. It was so nice to catch up with my girl friends. I've missed them so much.
We stayed at Palisades until Wednesday just bumming around Carlsbad and North County then on Wednesday we checked into the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. BEAUTIFUL! We stayed in this really cool like bungalow type room that was right across from the water. So romantic.
On the property of the hotel they have these really cool cabana things that you can completely enclose and they have round out door couch things.. it's sooo cool. There's speakers with mood setting music, and the tops are open so you're looking at the stars. Wow. It was so relaxing and romantic.

Oh- another thing... Bryant is now blond. Yep. You read that right. One day we were getting pedicures and Bryant finished his first and went next door to get a haircut.... so he was taking forever so Brittany suggested getting manis also, and what girl passes up that?! Anyway, we were done and I had no money on me so I go next door and my husband is BLOND! But the lady who was doing it screwed with it and made it orangish... so we have to wait until the SCABS from the bleach go away and our friend here will fix it for him. It's growing on me, actually. It was funny, when we picked up the kids they were so excited then they saw Bryant and Giovanni stopped and was like, who is that? lol. Funny.

Also while we were there we went to the San Diego Temple. It was my first time going and doing something other than baptisms. So it was an awesome experience. Such a beautiful Temple!

When we finally got home last night and put the kids to bed we made BAT's (bacon, avocado, and tomato sandwiches... our favorite) and had sparkling cider by candle light. lol. Our 11 day vacation was obviously our gift to each other but we also got cards. I included a list of 101 reasons I love Bryant. It was tender. I'm so glad this first year is over- does that sound bad? LoL. It was at times a little too rocky for me. Bryant, I love you more today than I did on the day I became your wife. I am excited for our future together and I can't wait to be sealed for time and eternity to you. You are the best thing that has happened to me and I never want to imagine a day of my life without you. Thank you for taking me away and bringing more romance to our marriage. I love you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We've Got Spirit!!

This week is Spirit Week for the kids at school because it's the last week before Spring Break. So, Monday was character day, Tuesday was sports day, today is decades day (70's, 80's, and 90's), tomorrow is twin day, and Friday is western day. Today is for sure my favorite day, hence the blog. lol.
Natali, oh Natali, my little diva '80's queen! It's totally funny because her style now is totally '80's so I just helped her supe it up a little bit! Leggings with shorts, two pairs of socks, scrunched and alternating colors. A side pony tail, HUGE bow, and HUGE earrings topped her look off! The funny thing was, the bow and earrings are mine that I picked up for a costume if my SIL and I were going to dress up for Halloween.

All week long Andy has been talking about how he wants to dress like the 90's (which, btw, totally makes us laugh that they are considering the 90's as a different era) so today he got his wish. Bryant got Andy ready like Criss Cross- where they wore everything backwards. It was SOOO funny. We should have put him in a button up shirt, but they were all long sleeve and he would have boiled! Still, I think he looks super good!

Giovanni was sad that he wasn't in the pictures, so I took one of the three of them... Note the way he does his "peace" sign... lol.
On a quick side note, Bry and I are leaving on Friday to celebrate our anniversary (10 day vacation without kids, who could ask for much more?!) I'm sooo excited! If you have any ideas on what to get him for our anniversary, please help!! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, the baptism was just awesome! I am so proud of Andy, he was so nervous and then on Saturday morning he woke up and was SOOO excited! We went to Sam's Club in the morning and he kept asking how much longer? lol. Then, for one of the talks the other girls Grandma was asking questions and Andy knew like all of them. I'm so proud of how much he has grown spiritually. He told us that he feels a difference in himself now that he has been baptized. I know that I can tell a difference in his behavior and attitude. After the baptism we came back to our house for a family get together, it was fun to hang out with Bry's aunts and uncle and Granny. We really enjoyed ourselves.

So, right before the baptism the Bishop came up and asked me if I could do him a favor, I of course say, sure anything (what would you say?) and he asks if I could speak in church this coming Sunday (the 9th) on the struggles that I went through to get to the temple. Ok, I can do that, no problem. Bishop responds with, "Great, thank you, it's ward conference!" WHAT?! NO! So, everyone pray for me! lol.

Tuesday marked the 1 year anniversary of Bryant's Dad's death. We went to Mesa and had dinner with his Mom and then went and did a session. It's so nice to have a place to go and feel peace. I could not imagine trying to deal with a parents death being as young as we are. It makes me realize how grateful I am for eternal families.

I hope everyone had a great last couple days! Just 17 more days until my 1 year anniversary! Yeah!!!