Saturday, October 31, 2009


The crew Andy, Giovanni, Ma, Nate, and Nati

Wonder Woman Natali

Giovanni the Vampire

Andy the 1920's gangsta

These guys have so much fun together, I love it!

This Halloween was a fun one for us! We were lucky to spend it with great friends and family... It's become tradition that we go trick or treating with the cousins so we had fun with 5 little ones tonight and 7 adults walking the neighborhood while Bamba {Bry's Mom} passed out candy at our house.

We also started a new tradition this year of having the "great pumpkin" come to our house and if the kids choose they take 10 pieces of candy and the rest is given to the great pumpkin who then leaves them money but takes their candy. Natali and Giovanni were all over it, but Andy was overly conflicted and opted out at the last minute.... we'll see how it goes in the morning when the other kids have money and he doesn't. lol.

So here are my cutie pies! Happy Halloween, guys! I can't believe it's already November!! Yikes!!

Oh... and did you notice we died our kids hair? lol. Yep, it's permanent, but we're sure it will wash out eventually... and for now they think we are the coolest parents EVER! lol

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sneak Peak

Last weekend we got family pictures taken with Bry's family. Chalice Leaman {click on her name for her site} did the pics and I'm in love with what I've seen so far!
Here's a few for your viewing pleasure! ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bittersweet Faith Leaps

About a month ago I posted on my facebook status "Autumn is taking a leap of faith" and today that leap is officially happening. After long hours of prayer, what our family needed to do was made extra clear to both of us, so that day Bry put in his notice at work. His company asked him to stay an extra 2 weeks to help train his replacements, and being my sweet hubs he said yes. Well, today is his last day of work. Starting Monday Bry will be going back to school full time and being Mr. Mom while I go back to work full time. {don't worry- I'm still going to be going to school, too!}

This is obviously a huge change for our family, but also one that we have sought guidance from the Lord with and we know what we are doing {while be it scary at times} is the right one. When Bry put in his notice we didn't really know how exactly the whole money thing would pan out but we had a feeling it would work out, and it did. The next day at my fat dr {I need to stop calling it that, I know} I was talking to my friend who is the office manager and she was telling me they needed someone and asked if I would be interested in working there. Up until that point the thought of me going back to work hadn't even crossed my mind. I will be starting the job next week. It's truly amazing how the Lord paves the way when you finally decide to listen.

I know this isn't going to be the easiest of changes for any of us. I enjoy my time during the day to do what I want, and am still trying to figure out how in the world I'll ever catch up with my TV shows {wink, wink}. The kids are trying to get used to the thought that they might not do another craft project after school for a while {though I have book marked a bunch of craft blogs in the event Bry decides to get crafty on us!}, and Bry is trying to remember what it's like to be a full time student and cook, clean, do laundry, and get the kids on time.

We are excited for this new unexpected chapter in our life. We are both sad to be saying good bye to some amazing co-workers Bry has had over the past year. That being said, we are also excited to say good bye to long hours and never having our daddy and hubby around.

So... ready or not... leap of faith starts NOW! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lucky Ducky!

I must start by saying I NEVER win ANYTHING! I can remember being in a pumpkin carving contest at our bank in our small town when we were growing up and my sister won and my parents hid $5 under my pumpkin because they felt bad.... sad, sad.

Anyways, I think my luck is changing! I'm an avid reader of Seriously So Blessed {one of the funniest blogs around!} and I entered one of her giveaways, well yesterday I noticed she posted the winners- I couldn't click fast enough and I see MY name next to this super cute hoodie!

Isn't that so fun?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Journey...

I haven't blogged in a while about my weight loss... Perhaps I feel you all are getting tired of it. My motivation needs a tune up, school is kicking my booty, but I realized today that I should be good and proud of my progress.

I've been contemplating telling everyone just how fat I used to be-- but I've decided against that. lol. Maybe once I reach my goal I will post it... that's to be determined though. lol

About my goal... a lot of people have asked me what my goal is. To answer that, my goal has never been a number. My goal is to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror. To be able to shop in a store and not have to buy plus size clothing {which I no longer have to do! YAAY!}. My goal is to be happy with my appearance, which is loaded right there. I know that I will never be a size 2- I'm 5'9" for cryin' out loud, that won't happen. lol. So... my goal, my dear friends, is to be the best me I can be. If that means I stop losing weight next week, perfect, if that means I stop in 20lbs- great! But this whole journey is so emotional that I just need to love me for me.

I was telling my friend the other day I still look in the mirror and see the "old" me. I still think my stomach is huge, my butt is giant, and my thighs are disgusting. It's all so mental. I know I've lost weight, I see the scale. But as a woman that's been overweight for so long I think there's a little voice inside me saying "it's just not good enough". Day by day I'm trying to get better, to love myself, to appreciate my body the way it is. Today I noticed I walked 4 flights of stairs and then about 8 city blocks downtown Phoenix and never once lost my breath. It was amazing. Small victories like those remind me of how far I really have come. This past weekend my hubs text me a quote from Preisthood session. Elder Uchdorf, "The Lord doesn't, nor should we, compare our efforts to others" I'm sure he was meaning this pertaining to the Gospel, but I am guilty of doing this in all aspects. So that's another thing I'm trying to do is not compare myself to others.

So, to date I've lost 110lbs in my 8 months since having my band. I've gone down about 12 dress sizes and 3 bra sizes {sorry if that is tmi- but I think it's so funny how small they are now! lol}. My wrists have shrunk so much that I had 3 links taken out of my watch and I no longer need chain extenders for my necklaces. I also cross my legs ALL the time now! I can paint my own toenails, too!

This picture was me at my sis-in-laws bachelorette party late last November. This is for sure a "before" picture.
This pic is me Saturday night... It's amazing to look at the difference... Crazy!

Thank you, my sweet friends, for all your support, encouragement, and love throughout this wild and crazy journey!