Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Glasses

A few weeks back I got a call from the nurses office at the kids school. I hate these calls. They freak me out! Thankfully the nurse just wanted to let me know that Natali failed her vision screening and she was sending me a note home with Natali with further instruction. I've been having my suspicions for a while about Natali's vision because she holds the book up to her face when she reads, so I just called and made an appointment for the eye Dr. Natali was stoked. lol. The best part was when they had to blow the air in her eye, she cried.

Her vision was pretty bad. -1.75 in one eye and -2.25 in the other. But thankfully it isn't the power that's the problem, it's because she has an astigmatism in both eyes. She loved picking out new glasses and ended up getting ones that were actually made for adults because the kid ones looked super small on her face. But they are cute and we gave them some bling for $2 instead of the extra $95 the office wanted! We think she could totally pass for a younger Sarah Palin, of course a much, much, much cuter one! :)

This pic is of her in the tutu I made her for part of her halloween costume!

Blog Stalking

One of the coolest features of my Palm is the ability to go online. I know a lot of phones let you, and I think it's fab! I've gotten into a habit of going online at night while I'm in bed and looking at other peoples blogs. Not just my friends, like random people that are on my friends friends list or I'll even look at those peoples friends blogs. It's strange I know. But I find people interesting. And I'm totally nosey. lol. Bry has come to call this "blog stalking". I think it's funny. I think he thinks it's irritating. lol.
So, now you all know, I have no life, and instead of counting sheep to go to bed, I blog stalk! Am I the only one who does this?

Friday, October 24, 2008


A few weeks back Jess and I went to see New Kids On The Block! It was possibly the best concert I've EVER been to! It was soo much fun! The best part is they sang a lot of their old stuff along with their new stuff! Ok, so that wasn't the best part. The best part was the girl in front of us, we seriously don't know how she even knew who NKOTB was because she couldn't have been over 18 and they've been apart for like 15 years, but... during the ENTIRE concert girlfriend was in hysterics, crying and saying the funniest things to her boyfriend (what a sweet guy taking his crazy girlfriend to a concert that she cried through) like, "this is all happening so fast" lol. There were so many times that I found myself laughing because of the crazy in front of me. I totally wish I would have taken a pic of her!

And, before ANYONE says that these guys are 40 what are they doing? I will just say... they were hot! That's all!

The worst part of the concert? Right before it started (literally we were sitting in our seats) the flash on my camera went out. I was so sad! But I was able to take a few pics and a video! So enjoy!

Britt, so many of these songs brought me back to us driving along the strand BLASTING this music in high school. It would have been sooo awesome had you been there! Next time, ya? ;)

Jess, I'm so glad that we went together! It was so much fun! I love you and am so glad we live so close and hope we always do!

Family Pics!!

I'm so excited that our family pictures FINALLY came back (it's been a week and a half, but I'm super impatient!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The one where we are kissing we were asked to sign a model release form, fun huh? I am so pleased with the way they turned out! Yaay!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Answers to Prayers

The past few weeks Bryant has been having a really hard time at work. He's been so stressed when he comes home because his company was having a hard time with its products so then Bryant's clients were unhappy and not spending, it was just a mess. Especially because Bryant's clients spending is what makes us our bonuses. We had been praying to know what it is that we should do to make Bryant less stressed and for guidance and direction.
Thursday we got our answer. First thing Thursday morning Bryant was on a job interview call (he'd been looking but not hard and it was on the DL) and got an IM from his buddy in the office (Bryant's office is in San Fran but he worked remotely from an office in Gilbert) saying that they just got out of a meeting where 40% of the company was laid off. His buddy and 2 VP's were of that 40%. Bryant freaked. I freaked. 2 hours later Bry received a phone call from his boss saying that the company wasn't profitable and that because of that 40% of the employees were being laid off so that as of right then they would be profitable. Bryant was one of the 40%. My stomach dropped when I saw Bryant and knew what had happened. I cried. I was angry, Bryant had done so much for that company, and they were like family. I felt betrayed. A few hours after the shock wore off we both felt total and complete peace. We knew this was an answer to our prayers. We both know everything is going to be just fine. Thursday alone Bryant had 3 phone interviews (most of these type of businesses are based out of San Fran) and Friday he had a few more, and one of the companies from Thursday called him back asking for references and talked waaay more in depth about the job.

We know we will be fine. We feel comforted by the Spirit and know that the Lord is mindful of us. I don't think I've seen Bryant so happy, which I know sounds funny, but he was ready for a new challenge and just needed the push to take it. We know that the most important thing right now is our family and staying close to the Lord.

I appreciate my friends who comforted me on Thursday and told me they knew we'd be fine. I know we will too, and I am so blessed to have friends who are there to listen to me and comfort me. Regardless of where we live. I love you! :) I'll keep you all posted as soon as anything happens.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

1st Round of Pictures

A few weeks back my sis-in-law and I took our kids to get "old fashion" pics taken. They were sooo cute!! I really like how they turned out. These are just the ones of my kids there was also a pic of my kids and my niece and nephew that turned out way cute, too, but I don't have a my copy of it yet. So, here's a sneak peak of the pics... I like them a lot!