Monday, November 29, 2010

Duck Soap

I realized lately that my kids are pretty funny and I need to be documenting this for later in life when I need good blackmail stories to tell! :)
A few weeks ago we were at the store and I remembered I needed dish soap so we go down the aisle and I grab the soap. When we got home I unloaded our groceries and Giovanni decided to help me. He gets the soap out and in the happiest voice EVER he says, "Ohhhh good Mom, you bought the duck scented soap again!" Yep, I sure did, Giovanni... nothing cleans as well as duck scented soap!
It's little things like this that remind me just how precious my babies are. I'm so lucky to have such funny kids!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Christmas Cards

We all love Christmas, we all love cards, we all love Shutterfly, and we all love FREE!!

Follow this link for 50 free shutterfly holiday cards-- it's super simple, click on the link, fill out your info, blog about it, and then they'll send you an email with a coupon for 50 free cards! Pretty sweet deal, huh?! Just make sure to send me a card! ;)