Monday, October 29, 2007

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

For the past 7 months Bryant and I have been saying we need to find a babysitter and go out on a date. We've had family watch the kids, but that's always hard because we feel our families are busy enough and don't need added stress. So, I was at the grocery store last week and ran into a girl from our ward and asked if she babysat and if she was available on Saturday... I was more than delighted to hear a yes!
I must tell you Saturday was the best date of my life. Bryant put so much time and energy into making sure that we had a nice romantic night, it was amazing. First things first, to make it so we weren't being "parents" Bryant rented us a mustang convertable (left the minivan at home! lol), which was awesome in itself! It was a beautiful night and although on the way to dinner I made him have the top on, I enjoyed driving with it off the rest of the night! Anyways, we went to the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale to eat at Alto where we enjoyed delicious Italian food and the beautiful view from our outside table. It was so romantic, candelight, by the pool, waterfalls all around. Wow. After dinner we took a Gondola ride around the lake that surrounds the Hyatt while being sung Italian Opera and snuggling under the stars. When we were done with the gondola ride we went to the lounge and listened to some live flamenco music and sipped on virgin pina coladas while cuddeling on the couch. To finish the evening we went to my favorite dessert spot, The Gelato Spot, and enjoyed delicious gelato. Oh, and to make the night even better we stopped to get a diet coke on the way home (the restraunt only had Pepsi products...ew) I have never felt so relaxed or in love in my life (well, I felt very in love on my wedding day) but knowing that Bryant planned all of this on his own just spoke mounds to me. It was so nice not to be interrupted by kids, or cell phones, or life. I realize how much Bryant trys and how too often I don't tell him that I appreciate him and how glad I am that he is my husband and best friend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Over It

I totally think I'm having a mother moment... I honestly think I might have a heart attack right here and now. While the kids were gone to their Mother's house Bryant went on a business trip and I went on a cleaning/organizing binge. Now, this was no small task, I was doing major deep cleaning from the floors, to the fridge, to the toilets, to the blinds...I was spring cleaning in the Fall. Anyways, my house looked amazing. You could not find a speck of dust or dirt for a mile. I was so proud of my house, and thankful to my parents who nearly killed themselves helping. So then the kids and Bryant come home and I talk to them about chores and how I just can't do everything by myself. We made chore charts and promised allowance if they would simply do their chores. That lasted about 2 days.
I'm so frustrated that I think I just don't care. Why is it that I am the only one who cares if the beds are made? Am I the only one who gets frustrated when they trip over a toy or a shoe? Or a backpack? Does anyone else find it just maddening that when clothes are taken off they aren't put in the hamper? I really don't think I'm being unreasonable. I will admit that I get tired, too and don't want to put away my crap. And lately we've bought a lot of new things, so it's gotten a little out of hand with all of the boxes. But, really folks, the garbage can is out the garage! I understand that Bryant works hard and that I'm a stay at home mom...does that make ALL of this MY job? Am I wrong in my frustrations? I don't expect the kids to get down on the floor and scrub...but pick up your toys for cryn out loud!!! And, gee, I don't know... when you are done eating, put your freaking dish in the sink!
Thank you, that is all. lol

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So the meeting yesterday went great. I was very pleased with the results. Basically what happened was we went into meet with the OT, PT, and Speech Therapist who were evaluating Vanni. The normal range of scoring was between 85-115 with 85 being normal and 115 being super brilliant. Vanni scored 95's in most areas! While they were talking they kept saying what a smart boy he was and that he was brilliant, the only problem was his speech (my main concern also). Even his speech wasn't that bad though, but a concern enough to qualify him for speech preschool!! There were two different classes, one at 8 and one at 9:45. The one at 8 were for the more delayed children and the 9:45 were the more advanced...they recommended Vanni go to the 9:45 class!! WooHoo! So I'm not the only one who thinks my son is a smarty pants! lol.
So he will be going to school from 9:45 to 11:15 Mon-Thur starting on Monday! The class he goes in main focus is speech, while they still do it in a preschool setting. They will be doing calendar, songs, etc but the teacher is a speech therapist and the class is capped at 10 kids. Awesome.
I am so grateful for the opportunity Vanni has to be in this program and learn to communicate better. I know that Heavenly Father is a huge part in this and I realize just how blessed we are. When we were having the meeting they kept saying that they anticipate Vanni will meet all his goals on his IEP (individual education plan) by the end of the school year and recommend we start looking for preschools for next year that are more advanced! I know every mom thinks their kid is the smartest, cutest thing ever but I had real concerns that because of Vanni's past it would affect him academically, clearly I'm doing something right to hear that all is well!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And the results are...

I don't know yet. lol. Today we go in and talk to all of the therapists that evaluated Giovanni and his speech and motor skills over the past few weeks. I'm nervous... when he went for the evaluation last week it was the same people who did the initial one and they all remembered him and said that they could see a HUGE improvement! (Yaay for Vanni and Mommy! lol) They told me that he knew 7/10 colors, between 300-400 words (apparently 200 is average for his age) and that he was using good sentences. So...what does that mean? Will he get in? Idk... I think he is doing a great deal better then he was but I also know that there are some areas he still needs help with. It's no longer in my hands, though... so... I will let you all know.
Also, any of my lovely Cali girls who read this... I hope you know you are in my prayers right now with the fires. If you are asked to evacuate I would love some company! :) Please keep me posted on everything!!
One last (happier) note! Last night my love bought me my own computer!! I'm so freaking excited! It's been hard because the only computer we have is Bryant's work computer so... yipee for me!! What a nice feeling to be contemplating a desk top or a lap top. lol. In the end I chose the desk top... I have a really old lap top and two things I noticed... 1) I hate not having a keyboard with a number pad. 2) Batteries on lap tops generally aren't that great. Oh, and 3) The desk top had more ram and memory...whatever that may be! lol. Anyways, so soon I will be having messenger again and my name won't be Gene or Bryant. lol. So, a very special thank you to my hubby for my new computer! (and vacuum but I don't want to be all "Monica") You are the best Bry, I'm so glad we found each other and have made it 7 months!! :) Love you, Eebs!

Love you all!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Testing, one...two...three...

Tomorrow is Vanni's final day of preschool testing... yes, they are STILL testing him. It's annoying, I know. I'm so nervous for him. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I just want to make sure they see any needs he has and that he will be able to have what he needs to learn and catch up. He's been talking so much more lately, but I know that the school would still benefit him greatly. So... cross your fingers and say your prayers!
Other news... I touched on it before, but Andy (Z's son from before she married Bryant) has been living with us for a couple weeks now and I can see a huge improvement on his behavior. It's amazing the changes kids can make when they are shown love and stability. I'm grateful we have him. I won't lie, it's a huge challenge but I'm glad that he's somewhere that I know he is getting what he needs and his school is sooo awesome.
Natali is Natali. She got in trouble for talking too much in class the other day and when I asked her what happened she said she was sad because her teacher wouldn't let her talk to her friends during work time. Duh! lol. She is way too cute, that's for sure. She is starting to read it's so exciting!
Bryant is going to be traveling more for work. Starting in November he will be going to San Fran for a week of each month. I'm glad that he has the opportunity, and I know that it is opening doors for him at work, but I will miss him lots and lots.
I'm just pushing along. I find myself getting less stressed each day and realizing more and more which battles to pick. I've been trying to do more things for me so that I don't get too overwhelmed. I joined WW (yes, again) and started going to the gym. I feel so good and love that because of my change of lifestyle my kids are learning the importance of eating healthy and exercising. I know that I have tried a million times to lose weight and haven't had much success at keeping it off, but I feel so different this time. I feel like I have motivation that I've never had before. So...hopefully that will stick!! ;)