Sunday, October 21, 2012

8 is GREAT!!!!

On October 13 Giovanni was able to be baptized! He had waited a LONG time for this! He was supposed to get baptized in September but his two aunties had babies so he asked if he could wait until October so that his Grammy and Papa and Bamba could be there for his special day! It was such a special day for Giovanni. He was so excited to become "an official member of the church!" and for his Daddy to baptize him!
Giovanni was so excited to have his best buddy be able to come to his baptism, too! This pic cracks me up... they are so funny together yet so serious in this pic!
After the baptism and confirmation we watched a slide show of Giovanni's life. I cried putting it together and cried watching it. I love seeing how this little man has grown spiritually. He amazes me.
We were blessed to have so many of our friends and family come be a part of Giovanni's special day! It was a room full of people we love and love us, too!!
After the baptism we had everyone over to eat Giovanni's 8 Is Great Sub from our great friend's who own Crazy Sub! I didn't tell Giovanni I was ordering it, so he was so surprised when he saw it!!
I love this pic of Giovanni and Papa... they thought they should be able to eat the entire sub themselves! ;)
I am so thankful for the Gospel. I'm so thankful for the atonement. I'm thankful for the happiness and joy that the Gospel has brought in our lives. I'm so proud of Giovanni and for his true desire to be baptised and to choose the right. I love seeing him write in his journal and read his scriptures. He LOVES having his very own set of scriptures! I can't believe the next time that we will have a child getting baptized Giovanni will be 16... and Andy will be home from his mission! I love you, Giovanni and I am so proud of you and the amazing little man you are!!!