Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun With Family

So this post is a lot of pics and they are out of order, sorry!!!

We were super lucky to have both of my sisters visit this month! Auntie Summer came first with Uncle Jared, Emma, Carson, and baby Harrison from Cedar Hills, UT! It was so fun to meet Harrison, and I think it may have been the first time the kids met Carson. We had fun going to Cabella's and the Glendale Chocolate Festival. We also had fun having Sunday dinner at our house!

The kids thought this elephant was soooo cool! And Giovanni thought it was soooo cool to have a kid smaller than him to boss around (please note this same "tug" he's giving Carson in the other group shot lol)

Emma and I

Summer, Papa, and Harrison at the Chocolate Festival

Our fam at the chocolate festival... I think I ate pretty much everything that was seen in this pic!

Natali and Emma at Grammy and Papa's

My kiddos and Summer's kiddos!

For not liking cheesecake I could have eaten a dozen of these little suckers!!

Me and my love... and Bry hehe! This apple was sooo good though! ;)

Carson loved being on Uncle Bryant's shoulders!

Next Auntie Amy came with Caitlyn, Colby, Calleya, and baby Cwynn from Oceanside, CA. It was so fun meeting another new baby!! We had fun with them going shopping, playing at the mall play area, and having family dinner at our house Valentine's day!

Me and Caitlyn...can't believe how big she is already!

Papa, Giovanni, and Colby

Calleya and Natali

Calleya is so freakin' cute!!

I don't think Cwynn thought it was funny, Uncle Bry!

My all time favorite pic of Andy!!

It was a busy two weekends but we sure loved seeing our family! We wish they lived closer so we could see them more! Maybe we'll have to make a trip to see them next!!