Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Babies!!

This past week I became an auntie again-- TWICE! My sisters both were preventing getting pregnant and ended up pregnant and 2 days apart! Wowza!

Monday, July 20th Summer had a baby boy (whom is still nameless so we call him "Little Gene" {his middle name will be Eugene after my Dad} he was 8lbs 3oz and is sooo dang adorable! I'm told they are leaning toward Harrison for the name but for now...Summer and Little Gene are doing great!
(Carson, 20mo, Emma 3, and Little Gene-- Summer's 3 kiddos!)

Wednesday, July 22 Amy had another baby boy, Cwynn {pronounce Quinn} Edward Hartung weighed in at 9lbs 2oz {3oz smaller than her biggest baby-thank heavens for c-sections!} and is adorable and doing well!
(Caitlyn 12, Cwynn new, Calleya 3, Colby 5-- Amy's 4 kiddos!!)

Isn't it amazing how much the babies look alike? They could be little twinners!

I'm so blessed to be an Auntie to soooo many cutie pies! And totally can't wait to love and cuddle these little ones and teach them who their favorite is, like I have all the rest of the kids! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Ever since we've gotten back from our Newport trip {I know I still need to blog about that, sorry!} I have been feeling so blah. I am seriously feeling stuck in a massive rut. I can't seem to pop out of it, either.
Maybe it was coming back to reality that did me in-- sleeping in until 10 every morning was amazing but we all know that my kids don't do that at home. I can't put my finger on what's happening.
Maybe I shouldn't be blogging this... but who can I trust if I can't trust you, my blog readers? ;) Yesterday I couldn't even muster the strength to get out of bed and go to church. Facing people just didn't seem like something I wanted to do. I know that is when I need to be at church the most, but I just couldn't.
There are so many areas that I could improve spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically on and I know that all of those would help my rut... it's just lack of motivation maybe? I'm not really sure. I know that I am so blessed, I have an amazing hubby who shows me and tells me how much he loves me on a constant basis, I have wonderful, beautiful children, in a time where nothing is stable my hubs has a pretty stable and reliable job, I have great friends and family... and so much more.

But...the rut is still there...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How cute do they look in their new frames?! I love them! They fit their personalities so well, I think!

I took my kiddos to the eye doc today for check ups. We have new insurance and I hate, hate, hate Natali and Andy's frames (we've replaced each one at least 3 times!!) so I figured why not just go in and see what's up! Good thing I did! Both Andy and Natali's prescription has changed quite a bit and Giovanni needs glasses as well! The kids picked out super cute frames and are excited to get them back in a few weeks!Close up of Andy's new frames! He has -2.0 in one eye and -3.0 in the other with a pretty severe astigmatism
Natali has the worst vision, poor girl -2.5 and -3.5 with an astigmatism as well but these new frames are too cute, that's my girl, making vision problems fashionable! ;)Giovanni also has an astigmatism and has -2 in both eyes! He was the pickiest one about his frames, he tried on at least a dozen before settling on these because they looked like his big brother's! He did really well for his first trip to the eye Dr though, good job little buddy!After we celebrated our sight problems with McDonald's ice cream (my kids (mostly Giovanni) calls hot fudge sundae's hot DAY sundaes how cute is that?!)... nothing like ice cream to wash away your troubles, right? Actually, the kids all love wearing glasses, I just used it as a treat for how well they were (ok, and I wanted some, too!!).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm off to...

To go here

and enjoy
Family fun in the cool California Sun!!