Friday, February 25, 2011

Hanging On

Giovanni has had a tooth that has wiggled and jiggled for what has felt like forever! We have been convinced that the Tooth Fairy was going to pay Giovanni a visit for months. Well, last night I came home and noticed the tooth was loose and turning dark, so it was dying. After a ton of tantrums-- I mean, after Giovanni getting over his fears and becoming strong and courageous he {finally} let Mommy tie a string around the stubborn tooth and pull it out! He was a great helper, after we were all done he said, "you were pushing the string {which he calls shring love it!} down, finally you understood I was telling you pull up and my tooth popped out. You have to pull up on it like you do the weeds, Mom" If only we had listened to him 30 min earlier!

So, finally after 6.5 long years, Giovanni was paid his first visit by the Tooth Fairy, who had to call in for back up because Giovanni didn't want the tooth to fall off his bunk bed so he secured it rather well! ;) He was so excited this morning when he found the money the Tooth Fairy had left him! Now let's see if the tooth next to it that is wiggling and jiggling like crazy moves a little quicker this time! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Have You Ever?

Have you ever had one of those Sunday's where you went to church and everything that was said was meant just for YOU? That is exactly how yesterday was.
I woke up and went in to wake the kids to find that Andy was super sick so I got the other 2 up and had Andy go back to bed. I decided I wasn't going to get frustrated that we weren't going to church as a family, instead I was going to make sure that we still made yesterday a special Sunday. So we went to church {and got there BEFORE they said the opening prayer!!!} and I am so glad we did. Yesterday was Ward Conference. Our Bishop spoke on asking questions. He told how it was a good thing to ask questions, but to make sure we are asking the right ones. He posed the question, "What if Joseph Smith never would have asked which church he should belong to". He then spoke about the atonement and asking questions while using the atonement. He spoke about how important it is to ask questions like "though I've made mistakes what good things are going on in my life?" "What has happened in my day that the Lord has shown me His tender mercies?" "Though things were rough, are they starting to get better and am I not recognizing that?".
Our Stake President spoke on the importance of recording your impressions. He said how he carries a little journal type book with him in his truck for when he gets out of the Temple, as soon as he is done with his session he writes down the impressions he gets. The book never leaves his truck. He also has one that he carries with him to church. I loved that idea. I've often heard something I liked and thought about writing it down and when I get around to it I've blanked on what it was about. He also talked about how every member was born to proclaim the Gospel.
Sunday School was about missionary work. The thing I most loved from Sunday School was the quote "Let your life be the lesson and the Spirit be the Teacher". When we came in they had TWILAMC written on the board, I couldn't figure it out. They said "When you are talking to someone you can share the gospel by simply ending something with and that's what I love about my church!" LOVE it!!
Relief Society didn't give me a chance to have a dry eye. Our sweet Stake Relief Society President probably couldn't concentrate with my sobs. She spoke to us about charity. Her challenge to all of us was to "just be nice"... This is something I have not been to some people, and I'm so ashamed of myself for that. She also told us the importance of giving the benefit of the doubt or remaining quiet, and how charity is expecting the very best of each other. All that she was saying was hitting so close to home for me. It was just what I needed to hear. She also said that if these things were not something we were currently doing, or just started to do, that's ok. Move forward and learn to bide your tongue because words are one thing you can never take back. In closing she said, "Anger and resentment is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die".
I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated by church yesterday. I feel so excited for next week. I went to bed last night feeling spiritually full. It was a great feeling. Our Relief Society has been challenged to read the Book of Mormon in full in 100 days. That's about 9 pages a day. I'm excited for this challenge. It is something I need in my life. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father inspired these amazing Brothers and Sisters to speak on what they spoke of. I am thankful for the atonement and for the opportunity I have to make my wrongs right. I am thankful for the strong Spirit I've felt in my home and in my life. I am thankful for the miracle of forgiveness and for answers to prayers.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Is a Special Day

We have a new routine around here... Saturday night is our "prep time". 8 o'clock church comes early {how is it that I can be out of the house with the kids on school days by 8 but can't be to church by 8?! Really gotta work on that!} so we've learned little tricks that help us to make Sunday mornings more peaceful. Shockingly, when I'm stressed I can be a yeller, and yelling for sure is not inviting to the spirit.

We get our hair cut and leave our attitude behind {but not our sarcasm!}

We try on our outfits and get our jewelry ready {don't worry I said no to the skull necklace!}

We practice our best smiles for Primary

We make sure our favorite boots are by Daddy's door to get shined

Then we take showers, read scriptures, say prayers, and head to bed. Saturday nights have become my favorite night around here. I love getting prepared for the Sabbath. I love that our family is working together to get ready to go to church. We have felt such a difference in our family over the past few weeks. I am so thankful for the changes we have made. I'm thankful for the atonement and the opportunity I have to go to church and feel the Spirit. I'm thankful for second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. I'm thankful for the power of prayer and for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and my weaknesses. I'm thankful for change. I'm thankful for my amazing husband who is by my side every step of the way being my biggest fan. We have become so much closer as a couple, it's amazing the way things change when you have an eternal perspective. Tomorrow is our 3rd week back at church. 3 weeks in a row makes you officially "active" again. I love that we are active. It feels good to say that we are active. It's funny how my attitude has made such a difference. I spent so much time being bitter party of 1 that I didn't give the amazing women of my ward a chance. I'm so thankful they are still giving me and our family a chance.
A few weeks back I was taking Andy to Scouts and I got to the church and it was empty. I looked in my email and found his Scout leaders phone number and gave him a call. His wife answered and I told her who I was and that I was calling to make sure Scouts wasn't canceled. When I said my name the sweet sister she explained that she was my visiting teacher and she had been thinking of me. She told me that if I needed anything to please let her know. This was the key thing she said to me, "anything at all. Even just a friend to talk to, I'm here". This sister who I had ignored for months was offering me exactly what I needed at that time. A friend. Just another reminder of the Lord letting me know that I was doing the right thing and that He was mindful of His daughter who needed a little reassurance.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wasn't Expecting this...

Today I had a dr appointment with a new obgyn. It's going on 4 years that Bry and I have been trying to have a baby. It's a discouraging, heartbreaking, frustrating path. Just when we thought we were going to have what we've been wanting I miscarried. So frustrating. Last year before I got pregnant a rep came into my office and we started talking somehow the topic got on pregnancy and I found out that she had a hard time trying to conceive as well. She mentioned the dr she went to and how he was a "miracle worker" and I should go to him. I thought about it but then got pregnant and didn't think I needed him. A few weeks ago a patient came into my office and we started talking and she tells me she was trying to get pregnant before and she went to this amazing dr, who happened to be the same dr the rep told me about. I went home that night and talked to Bry about it. I told him I wanted to see this guy and just see what he had to say. Maybe he could help, and maybe not, but I wanted to try before moving forward. Sunday Bry and I were talking to our Bishop and I told him about how frustrated/angry/sad I'd been about not being able to have a baby. He gave me some amazing advice that the Lord knows my desires and knows my heart and will put me in touch with the right people who will be able to help me. He reminded me nothing happens by accident.
Today was my appointment. I was nervous and excited. Usually when you go see a new doc it's mostly, "we'll do blood work and see what happens". I went in and right away had an ultrasound. During this the doc was showing me things he was talking about and explaining things I didn't know about my body. He found a huge cyst that he is concerned with but gave me medication to help it shrink, if that doesn't work I will have to have surgery. After asking me a ton of questions he tells me, "Well, we know what is wrong, now let's fix it". I've known that I have PCOS but I found out today that I also have endometriosis. Talking to the dr I found out that he is a former Bishop who specializes in women with PCOS and/or endometriosis. I was in the right place. I was given some scripts and a shot in the bum, and sent on my way for a few weeks unless the cyst ruptures {comforting, right?}.
Though it is not what I was expecting, I am so thankful to know what it is that is "wrong" with me. I am so thankful that I was in the right place at the right time. I'm so thankful that this sweet Dr took over an hour explaining things to me and telling me that everything will be alright. I'm not saying I'm not scared, I am. I'm not saying that I won't go through moments of discouragement, I'm sure I will. But I know that I am seeing the right doc for me. I am thankful for the Lord's tender mercies in reassuring us that He really does know my heart and my desires. I'm thankful He put me in contact with the right people, though I didn't realize it at the time. I feel great comfort and peace, and for that I am extra thankful.

Sunday Fun day!

Yesterday was a super great day! We had a super good day at church, a super good meeting with our super sweet Bishop, came home and took a super good and much needed nap (the one perk I have found to having 8 am church!), then made and ate some super yummy food while the boys watched the super football game and the girls had a super sunday craft day!

I will say the cheering was a little distracting and I burnt myself on the glue gun (my battle wound), but I am so proud of myself and Jess for the awesome job we did! I couldn't have gotten all of my "pretties" done had it not been for my Mom, too! Even Natali joined in on the crafting fun! We loved chatting, laughing, eating, and seeing the progress of our crafts!