Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Love to See The Temple

Today the Gila Valley Arizona Temple was dedicated, because we live in Arizona it was broad casted through out the state for members 8 and above. I have never been to a Temple dedication, so I was really excited! I was a little sad for Natali and Giovanni they couldn't go, but I also was thankful for the opportunity we had to share this experience with Andy.

It never ceases to amaze me when you are trying to do everything right how the adversary attempts to prevent it. Last night plans changed for our sitter. This morning my alarm didn't go off {note to self, when setting the alarm make sure it's set for the proper day}. I forgot our white hankies. But, when we finally got there the Spirit was so strong I had a hard time keeping my emotions under control. We went to our old stake center to see the broadcast, and I loved seeing some familiar faces, even if I didn't get to say hi, just seeing the faces was nice!

I am thankful for our sweet Prophet. I loved seeing him interact with the children. I'm so thankful for the atonement that allowed me to attend this sacred ordinance. I am so thankful for a husband who is a worthy Priesthood holder who held my hand and got emotional with me as well. I am so thankful for a son who is growing into an amazing young man. I am so thankful for the Temple and for being sealed to my awesome hubs. I can't wait to make the trip to Gila Valley to see the Temple in person!