Friday, September 28, 2007

6 Months!

So, I realized that I didn't post a blog that Bryant and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary on Sunday! I know to the rest of you that have been married for years 6 months isn't long...but we're excited! ;)
I can't believe how fast time has passed. And how much has changed in our lives since then. Bryant started a new job right after our honeymoon, we moved in with my parents for a short time, we moved into our new house, Natali started kindergarten, and we got full custody of Natali and Vanni's older brother, Andy (long story I will blog another time). Not to mention I received my endowments and we started going to our new ward that we love sooo much and keeps us on our feet with activities.
I am so grateful to have such a loving husband. We've been through so much together, and at times I was concerned if we would make it but my love grows stronger and stronger for him each day. I can't wait for more anniversary's and more celebrations.
I love you, Eebs! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Our RS lesson on Sunday was about forgiveness and it was such a good lesson, it got me thinking a lot more about forgiveness and the Atonement. I have a lot (well more than I used to) of free time now that Natali is in school and soon Vanni will be in school too, so it will be even better. Anyways, I've been finding myself pondering how selfless Heavenly Father is and what a great example He is to me. I've been in fights with people and held grudges so long that I forget what the fight was about in the first place (don't you hate that? lol). However, I too find myself mad at someone and then dieing to talk to them to tell them something so simple in my life. I was thinking that's how it must have felt to Heavenly Father when I wasn't active and living my life the way that I thought was fun... I am so greatful for the atonement for the opportunity that I have to be forgiven for my sins, big or small as they may be. Isn't it amazing that we have to think about forgiving someone or even deny their apology but yet our Savior accepts it everytime. It really put things into perspective for me. It would be so easy for me to tell the kids Mother to flake off and never answer her phone calls or send pictures but honestly, who would that hurt? The kids more than anyone. This morning an opportunity approached for me to forgive the past and move on with my life. Z had court in Mesa and when she went to check into her hotel she was told that the rate was double what she was quoted. After helping her look for hotels for a few minutes I talked to Bryant and asked if he would care if she would stay with us for the night. I know, you are thinking I'm crazy. I just couldn't imagine being in her shoes and not being able to see my children everyday. Not being able to tuck them in at night or hear them pray or help them get ready for school. Who am I to judge? I know in my past relationships I wasn't perfect (I know,it's amazing to hear that, huh?) and neither were they. Divorce is an ugly thing when children are involved and I hope that I can help to bring more peace to my children's spirits and let them know that they are loved more than anything.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Love Style

Your Love Life is Like Annie Hall
"A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies."
You believe that love (if you even believe in love!) is a very complicated thing.Maybe love is pain. Or maybe it's all a big therapy session. You're still figuring it out.
Your love style: Brainy and a bit neurotic
Your Hollywood Ending Will Be: Realistic and reflective">WhatMovie Is Your Love Life Like?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


K, I have to make this short because it's late.... but... we got a puppy tonight!! I'm so excited! She is only 6 weeks old, and come to find out we aren't really sure what kind of puppy she really is but it doesn't matter... we are in LOVE! :) In the second picture you can see, but she loves to stick her tongue out, it's way cute!

My parents were at the grocery store and someone was giving away puppies so my mom called and asked if we wanted one... so... now we have a puppy! We named her Sophie, the kids are so excited and could hardly sleep tonight, it's so cute. And, even though he won't admit it, Bryant loves her too. He held her all night long. It's cute! I'm sure she'll make the next 6 months go quicker! ;)

We Plan, The Lord Schedules

Bryant is famous for saying we plan but the Lord schedules...
For everyone who doesn't know Bryant and I are trying to have a baby. We haven't been preventing anything from happening since we got married (6 months ago) and nothing has happened. I have totally irregular periods and so I was 100% certain I wasn't ovulating so in July I went to the OBGYN to start to try and figure out what was happening and what we could do to fix the problem. When I scheduled my first appointment I was told that I could see a NP and get in like months sooner, so I did... Susan is my NP and she was awesome... totally supportive of me wanting to have a baby and wanted to get the ball rolling. They took a ton of tests and found that I have PCOS, they gave me Provera to start me on a regular cycle and then told me to come get more blood work done the 27th day of my cycle. Like a good little girl, I did. About 10 days or so later Susan called me and told me that I would have to see the Dr to go further in my quest to have a baby... she didn't tell me why and I didn't really ask I just made an appointment and tried to think positively.
Yesterday I went to see Dr. Howard for the first time. When the Dr came in he got straight to the point. My testosterone levels were elevated and because of that ovulation is inhibited. He was speaking a foreign language... what did this mean? What can I do to fix this? The answers came too loud and clear for my taste. I would be put on birth control for 6 months to try and lower my testosterone level (it was 83 and the lower the testosterone (below 30) the more likely you are to ovulate and get pregnant). Tears streamed down my face, I couldn't help it. I thought I was going in to get instructions on taking Clomid and now I'm being told that for another 6 months I won't be doing anything but preventing pregnancy. I was totally devastated. To top it off Dr. Howard felt inclined to let me know that I could do my part in trying to lose 50 pounds over the next 6 months also. I want to lose weight, I know that for the health of myself and my baby it is the best thing. I just wish it were as simple as saying it. I left Dr.Howard's feeling defeated.
I know the Lord has a bigger plan than I do. I know the Lord will guide and direct my life and that one day I will have children that have my DNA. As much as I would love for this blog to be about me finding out I was pregnant, it's not, but I can say I feel great peace and know that the Lord is watching over me, that He loves me, and knows my desires. I will do my part and take Dr.Howard's advice and the rest is in the Lord's hands.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A snip, snap...

Vanni is the worst kid ever to get a hair cut, he hates it. Sadly, his hair still grows. lol Anyways, I cut his hair like 6 weeks ago, just a little trim and it looked fine but I realized the other day that his hair was growing so fast and it was looking really nasty but every time I asked him if I could cut it he would say "no, I like my hair"... super, right? So, we're at Wal*Mart on Saturday and Vanni decides he wants a haircut!! Well, we didn't want to wait so I thought that I would cut it at home myself again... bad idea. He wouldn't stop moving... anyways, the haircut turned out pretty bad... the only thing we could do was shave it... lol. Good thing he LOVES it!! I think it looks really cute, it shows off his big green eyes, so that's fun! lol

So here are the pics, and also a pic of Natali being ghetto fab!!!