Sunday, May 31, 2009

Being Brave Paid Off!

Cute kiddos with their "summer time hair cuts" also!
The new do!

So I've almost lost 80lbs now and decided it was time for a new look! While money is tight I decided to go a different (and less expensive) route. I was swimming at my friends house yesterday and all of a sudden got the idea to have her cut my hair (side note, she is a PT NOT a cosmetologist). After a few rounds of "are you sure? are you sure?" she got her scissors and gave me one of my favorite hair cuts so far! It's an A-line cut, so it's shorter in the back. That with a box of hair color that was on sale and I feel like a new girl! :) Thanks Jess!! What do you think? Did my bravery pay off??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have FUN!!

For Mother's Day I was given the gift of relaxation time with 3 of my besties! That actually ended up being 5 of my besties most of the weekend though! We went to the Legacy Golf Resort and had some much needed fun!
We mainly stayed around town, went to the Chihuley Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens (below) and went to the pool (above) where we totally saw Kid Rock and Pat Sajak (and I didn't get any color!)
We enjoyed some yummy dinners at Streets of New York and Claim Jumper
(This is me and Alicia, one of my newest besties)
(This is Jess and Britty)
We went up to Prescott for my sis-woo's baby shower (Me, Sis-Woo Amy, and my Mom)
(My niece Caitlyn and I at the shower)
(Britt, Kelli-Wu, and I at the shower)
(Kelli-Wu and I)

I'm so glad I have such great friends who helped make this weekend so much fun! I'm so greatful to my awesome hubby who let me get away with the girls and took care of the kiddos for me! You're the best babe!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Cow!!

That's how many pounds I have lost total!! I've lost an entire Natali in less time it takes for a baby to grow in a Mommies tummy! This is insanity folks!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angels Among Us

Last month our enrichment was entitled "Angles Among Us" it was such a spiritually uplifting meeting and I left feeling great. I've had many angels in my life. This past week I was surrounded by angels. They came in the form of my sweet Relief Society President, sweet sisters from my ward, the Elders Quorum, my Bishop's sweet wife, amazing friends who are closer than family, my cousin, and my mil. These angels saw someone in need and did something about it. These angels helped me pack, helped us move, helped us clean, helped me paint, watched my kids (and my friends kid), gave me moral support, told me that I can do this and will get through it. These angels were selfless, they were upbeat, they were friendly, they were the true angels.
Never once did these angels complain, never once did they take no for an answer. Never once did they say they'd rather be doing something else.
I am so blessed to know that there are angels among me. Thank you, my angels who came out and showed me your love and support. You are blessings in my life, I wouldn't be able to have gotten through it without you!