Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super Saturday Turned Fabulous Friday

This year I'm doing our wards "Super Saturday" but all of the Saturdays were a no go for our building so my friend suggested doing it on a Friday night... hence the "Fabulous Friday!"
I'm way excited! I have a new found friend who has a vinyl business who did my super Saturday when I lived in Verrado, Sage. She is AMAZING! As is my bff Britty who has been my right hand craft woman in helping me do this! She has been such an awesome sport with this!

So here are the crafts we are doing! Tell me what you think... I"m so excited, but the hubs isn't so excited for how much I'm going to spend! ;)
We are also doing picture blocks and flower hair clips but I don't have pics of those! {Thanks Tera for doing the bows!}

The Stockings Were Hung Board is going to have a few little jewels on it and is only $21 {it comes in red, white, or green}

This cute little believe block also comes in red, white, or green and has cute sparkles for $5
k, I'm most excited for the Give Thanks... it will be out in my house year round and is only $17!

The Fun Money bank also comes in "Mission Fund", "Savings" and is only $7 and come is a variety of different dot colors

This Believe tile is $5 and can also say "Noel", "Joy", or "Peace"

This "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" also comes in white and the "C" comes in a variety of different colors, too and is $17

I'm loving these "Harvest" blocks... $12!!

So I put the prices for because I'm putting my blog address on the order form so the Sisters in my ward can come look before they put their orders in and then they won't have to wait to see the table on Sunday! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Last night was Bry's night to pick for our date, and let me tell you, he didn't disappoint! I knew the night would be good when he came home with roses... I {heart} roses! Though I made the mistake of telling Bry early on that I didn't like flowers because they just die, he still surprises me every now and again with them! He's the best!

Anyways, we got all dolled up and headed over to Ahwatukee to the Melting Pot... can we say oh my YUM?! We'd never been, so it was a super fun experience. We were there nearly 2 hours and enjoyed every minute of the romance, the food, and the company. This salad was the Caprese salad and OH MY GOODNESS! I wanted more, and more, and more... and I'm still craving it tonight! Everything was so perfect! Well, until this super drunk guy in a table near by started to speak loudly about "Mormons" and the kind of people we are, but I'm trying to forget about that. Thankfully, this guy being annoying was somewhat entertaining seeing as even the servers were getting annoyed with him! But, back to the awesome date... lol

I love spending time with the hubs, and there's just something about sitting shoulder to shoulder sharing yummy chocolate and feeding each other that just screams romance!

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing hubby! But now I need some ideas on how to one up him next weekend! ;) Thanks babe for being so amazing and putting so much thought into our date, and thanks even more for stopping at Filiberto's on the way home and getting me a horchata-- now THAT's love!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My parents have been staying with us and we are all getting a little spoiled. My kids especially. They love Papa getting up and cooking them breakfast every morning, and love even more that Papa listens to their requests! I love that my Dad likes to keep a clean kitchen so I can be lazy and the kitchen still gets done! ;)

Tonight at 10:04pm Papa was setting up for breakfast in the morning. I told him the kids were getting too spoiled and he needed to make them cereal for breakfast so that when they leave my kids don't go into total shock when they realize Mommy doesn't cook breakfast on school days. :)
Papa did say cereal wasn't an acceptable breakfast {he wanted to make chorizo and eggs or french toast} so he is making toast and sausage to accompany their cereal.

I'm glad my kids are getting time to be spoiled by Grammy and Papa. Natali gets her hair and jewelery done by Grammy every morning. I am loving getting to shower and get dressed while my kids are getting the finishing touches done to them! It's nice to have my parents around and spend time with them also! Thanks, Mom and Dad!