Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Times!!

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by! My kids only have 6 weeks of summer vacation left! Am I really the mom to a 4th grader and a 1st grader? Will Giovanni really be starting kindergarten next fall? It's crazy to me! The kids are so excited to start at their new school and they love our new home and ward. It's great!

We've been staying up way too late and having way too much fun! Bry has some friends that live on this side of town that he's known since high school (Bry grew up mostly in Mesa) and we've been hanging out with them almost every night. It's super fun because they have kids that are the same age as ours and they all get along as well as kids can! But I've been introduced into the addiction on Rock Band, and can't seem to stay away from these poor peoples house! OMG I dream about becoming a better drummer, it's very very sad! If we're not over there Rockin out, they're at our house swimming and wii playin! It's awesome! We've wanted friends like this forever, so now that we have it, it's super fun! Not to mention, we live in the same neighborhood as Jess and Adam and though we don't spend as much time with them, we still get to see them a lot and have tons of fun with them!

I love living here, I can't seem to say that enough... Our ward is amazing and each Sunday I can't wait until 1 to go to church! It's fab! I love my pool and the fact that I'm so tan I don't have to wear make-up and I look like I just got back from a great vacation! :)

I finally took pics, so here they are! I also included one of the cutest dog ever, Sophie who loves our new home and pool also! We make sure to throw her in the pool as often as we can so that she gets used to the water! :)

Anyways, come visit and swim in my fun pool!!! Hope you guys are all having as much fun as we are!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Trying to Get Settled!!

No, I did not get lost... or disappear... I've just been crazy busy trying to unpack-and by that I mean I'm trying to stay out of the pool long enough to get something done! hehe! But, I will say I have a SWEET tan!! Seriously, though, we decided to paint the kids rooms before doing much of anything else and that took a lot of the week the kids were gone. Their rooms look amazing (I will post pics when I find my camera)but I wish I had more time to unpack before they got home. Thankfully, Jenny has been here and helping me unpack! YAY! :)
Anyways, I'll post pics soon, I just wanted to update everyone and let them know we are alive!
We were so blessed when we moved out and in- the Elders Quorum was amazing at helping. Our new ward had like 10 guys waiting for us to unpack our moving truck TWICE! They were at our house until 11pm on Saturday night helping us set up beds and our washer and fridge and stuff. They were awesome! We went to our new ward the next day and got a warm welcome, too, so I'm really excited and feel we made the right move for our family!
I will post pics of everything soon! :)