Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reflections of The Past

2012 was such a year of trials and miracles for our family. For the first 4 months of the year we didn't know what was wrong with Bry. It was so frustrating to have a husband who was physically so sick he couldn't get out of bed-- and no tests seem to provide answers. Then we saw a miracle happen with the amazing hospitalist that pointed us in the right direction to find out what was wrong and how to solve the problem. In April Bry had his neuro surgery and we had our Daddy and Hubby back. Life felt good.

 One night in June Bry and I were on a date and we were talking about getting a new car {this is something we don't do, buy new cars unless we pay cash} and like a brand new car. We were talking back and forth about the fact that we needed new vehicles but we didn't really want car payments. We decided to go and walk around the car lot and just see what was out there that could fit our family if we were to get pregnant when we did the fertility treatment at the end of the month. We left the car dealer that night driving a brand new car. Neither of us were too sold on the car. It was new and it smelled good but I was so worried about the kids being smooshed and if we got pregnant the trunk didn't seem big enough for a stroller. But we got the car. The VERY NEXT DAY I was at work and Bry called me, his department had been eliminated and he had been laid off. I called the car dealer and told them what happened and asked if there was a way to bring the car back. In AZ there is no 3 day grace period, so I knew this was a long shot. The guy told me to bring the car back before the end of the day, and not to worry. What a huge blessing!!! Quickly after Bry lost his job he had an opportunity fall in his lap that would be better than his old job. This opportunity lead Bry to start his own {extremely successful} marketing agency.

 June 28 we went in for our first Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment. Because of my severe endometriosis we felt this was the best course of action to go. It was our first big step. Bry's insurance was paying for 100% for up to 6 treatments. As we went in I was so nervous. We were literally losing Bry's insurance 2 days later. What if this didn't work? What if we had to COBRA for the next 5 months seeing if this would work? Doubts were filling my mind as tears ran down my face and the procedure took place. It was about a 5 minute procedure but I had to stay there for an additional 30 min. Bry held my hand and talked so positively to me about how amazing it was that we were going to have a baby. I kept thinking that he must not have heard me when I told him the odds of this working. About 2 weeks after the procedure I got a funny little cramp while I was at work and figured it was just cramps because I was going to start so I went to reach in my drawer for some medicine when the thought came to mind not to take that in case I was pregnant. That was the first time I had thought anything of the sort, and it took me by surprise. But I listened and didn't. The next night was garbage night and I went to take the trash out, Bry quickly stopped me telling me that I shouldn't do that if I was pregnant. The next morning at 3 am I tested and saw the most beautiful two pink lines I'd ever seen. It worked and we were having a baby!!!

 We have grown and become so much stronger because of these trials the Lord knew we needed to go through. It was amazing how at the time of the trial we could almost immediately see the Lord's hand guiding us toward our next step. Our testimonies have grown, and our family has become so much closer in 2012.

 We can't wait for 2013. In 10 weeks we will be welcoming our baby girl into our family. Everyone of us anticipates her arrival and talks about it almost daily. Bry and I have become closer than we have ever been in the past 6 years. My relationship with the Lord is the closest it's ever been. I truly can see His hand and blessings in my life. I don't know where I would be without the Gospel and my Savior.

 In typical fashion for the New Year I have a few resolutions to leave off with 1. To have the baby by the end of March ;) 2. To focus on my personal scripture study and prayers 3. To get completely out of debt {we LOVE Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!} 4. To have regular Temple attendance

 2012 was amazing for our family. We look forward to 2013 and the changes we are already anticipating. May your New Year be happy and blessed!! And for documenting sake, here's a pic of my ever growing belly! This was taken 2 weeks ago!

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Cluff Family said...

Hi Autumn,

I was just thinking about you and thought I would check in on your family. Congratulations! I am glad to hear that you will be having a baby soon.