Friday, February 17, 2012

Growing Up is Hard to do!

We've had some major growing up going on around here. It's really been hard on me! My babies are not babies any more! I need to be so much better about documenting things, but life has been crazy. So... a quick little snip-it...

Andy is 12 1/2. He love Scouts and loves the monthly camp outs he gets to go on. I love his enthusiasm for going on said trips. Except when I get a call at 10pm from the 1st counselor in the Bishopric that my adorable son brought some pills to help him sleep because he was so excited. And the next afternoon my lap was covered by "illegal camp out paraphernalia" that my son brought with in hopes that he could create a larger fire. It really is a good thing he is so cute! This almost teenager knows how to push my buttons and melt my heart. He's totally going to be a heart breaker when he grows up!

Natali is 9 1/2. She loves Activity Days and bossing her brothers. She is my little mother hen and tends to need the reminder that I'm the parent, not her. She is currently growing her hair out to donate it to Locks For Love. All her idea. She loves fashion and is on Pinterest more than I am (I didn't think that was possible! ;) ) She is in advanced classes this year and I'm pretty sure has passed me in her knowledge of Math. She has a strong testimony of the Gospel and has been bringing her bestie with her to Activity Days and has informed me she invited her to be baptised. Such a sweetie!

Giovanni is 71/2. He is on count down to getting baptised and loves being in Sr. Primary. Giovanni loves playing the Kinect and is super good at it. He reads like a champ, and loves to read chapter books. He no longer will let me kiss him good-bye if his friends are there and will only hold my hand until we get across the street. I hate this age :( He loves to play Angry Birds on my Touch Pad and though he says he wants to play it together, his turn somehow never ends! ;) He still is my little tender hearted love though!

It amazes me how quickly my kids are growing up. Giovanni came in my room at 3:40 this morning because he had a "night bear" so I let him hop in bed with me. As uncomfortable as it was having his knees in my sides and his elbow in my face, I laid there awake treasuring the moments... I realize they are few and far between... I needed to hold on as long as I could.

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