Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dream Come True

I know I don't update on here often anymore... but the news needed to be documented! After 5 1/2 long and trying years we are expecting! Baby Garvin is set to arrive around March 20, 2013! We don't know how to contain our excitement! The kids can't stop asking questions and kissing my belly. This journey has been a long one. After countless prayers and blessings we can not stop thanking our Father in Heaven for this amazing gift. We know it was true inspiration to see the dr I see, to have the treatments I've had, and to have this precious little one join our family.
We have started a blog where Bry and I both can journal our thoughts through this amazing time. Feel free to visit us at

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Lena Medina said...

I am sooooo excited for you! Being pregnant is the most amazing experience. I am thrilled that you are experiencing it and will move on to the next blog to read up on more details. God is good all this time! Love you!